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Welcome to Prewitt Electrical! We offer residential, commercial, and emergency electrical services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For over 20 years, we've been helping our fellow Texans ensure they have not only great electrical services, but a safe home and business. We bring quality electrical services and attention to detail to take care of your electrical problems. Below, we'll go over in brief our electrical services that we offer in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Call us today for an estimate!


Residential Electrical Services

Whether you are embarking on a home remodel, adding another bedroom to your home, or your electrical wiring is just outdated, our licensed electricians can help. From troubleshooting your electrical system, such as when you call us explaining how your electricity seems to have unexplained surges to helping you install a new ceiling fan or chandelier, we're always more than happy to help. While some home improvement jobs are easy to DIY, one that is not recommended is electrical work. This is because with one wrong move, you can easily shock yourself or worse. When you need home electrical services, it's best to call our electrical company for help.

Commercial Electrical Services

Offices and bigger buildings have different electrical needs than homes. For one, you probably use a lot more electricity than your average household. Depending on what type of business you run, you may not only use a lot of electricity, but you'll also need a ton of electrical wiring, more electrical panels and breakers, and the like. Commercial electrical services are more complicated, require a higher level of electrical know-how, and require more equipment and time to complete projects. Prewitt Electrical provides many Fort Worth and surrounding areas businesses with the best in commercial electrical services.

Emergency Electrical Services

Emergencies are never planned — that's what makes them emergencies. This holds true for electrical emergencies as well. Odds are, electrical emergencies won't involve signs that involve blood like medical emergencies, there are some signs to be aware of, such as sparks near outlets, popping sounds, black outlets, power outages, and hot service panels.

We do want to emphasize that we are a 24-hour emergency electrician. This means that no matter what time of the day or night or the year (even Thanksgiving), if you suspect you have an electrical emergency, call us right away. An electrical emergency is not worth waiting till the next day when you and your family's safety may be at risk. A quick phone call is usually all it takes to make a determination.


Prewitt Electrical offers superb customer service for all of your electrical needs. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by making sure your electrical wiring in your home or business is safe and functional. When you call us for an electrical service, our licensed technicians can diagnose your electrical problem and get it fixed right away. From electrical installation to maintenance, we've got your needs covered. Call today for an estimate!