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House Electrical Wiring is Not As Easy As It Appears

Installing electrical outlets, replacing circuit breakers, and wiring your living room for surround sound may sound easy — until you go all in and realize that maybe you should have gone all out instead.

Prewitt Electrical serves the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area with amazing electrical services, including commercial, emergency, and residential services. Our mission is to keep you and your family safe by providing superior electrical troubleshooting for your electrical problems and then correcting them before any damage is done. We love helping our community with lighting installation, home electrical repair, and lighting retrofitting services. If you need a local electrician, give us a call today!

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  • Electrical Troubleshooting

  • Electrical Panel Repair

  • Surge Protection

  • Ceiling Fan & Light Fixture Installation

  • Outlets & Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)

  • Light Switches

  • Security Lights

  • Additions

  • Remodels

  • Rewiring

  • And So Much More!

The proliferation of DIY shows makes everything look easy — and quick. After all, in 30 minutes, a home goes from being an absolute catastrophe to being the best house in the neighborhood with all of the demolition, electrical work, remodeling, and new installs complete, finished, and looking stunningly amazing.

While we love to see these shows where the homeowner has a brand new home so to speak, these shows give the uninitiated the idea that with just a little blood, sweat, and time, their home can be looking just as good. For the most part, unless you are a home contractor with years of experience, that assumption is false.

Prewitt Electrical serves the DFW area with the best residential electrical services. Our licensed electricians have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners with their home improvement, electrical upgrade, or electrical wiring problems. We are honored to partner with homeowners in making their living space a place they can be proud of. Below, we'll take a look at some of the common electrical services we provide in a bit more detail. Contact our electrical company today!



Our local electricians take a lot of calls from homeowners who believe they have an electrical problem but are unsure of what it is — and that's okay! Most electrical problems (unless it involves the simple flip of a light switch) require an expert electrician to sort it out. There can be a lot of symptoms of an electrical problem, such as flickering of lights continuously or intermittently, electrical surges, breakers popping regularly, and the like. And frequently, many electrical problems will give off the same symptoms.

When you partner with Prewitt Electrical, we'll come to your DFW home and do a thorough inspection of your electrical system and panels, as well as your wiring, until we have diagnosed the electrical problem. Once found, we'll fix it right then and there (as long as it doesn't involve a whole house rewiring). If we need an electrical part, we'll schedule you right away once it comes in. You can rest assured that we'll take care of your electrical needs.


Many homeowners rarely touch their electrical panel unless they trip a fuse by overpowering the circuit (this is electrical speak for having too many appliances, vacuum cleaners, blenders, toasters, space heaters, and the like on at the same time, upticking the usual demand for energy). Other than that, your electrical panel sits in your garage or your basement, forlorn and alone.

Your electrical service panel is the place where the external wires that bring electricity to your home from the outside connect to the wires in your home that then disperse that electricity to outlets for use. As the homeowner, you are responsible for the service and upkeep of your electrical panel system. Being that this is the spot that controls all of your electricity, there are many things that can go wrong that can be found and repaired here. During an electrical inspection performed by a licensed electrician in the DFW area, you will notice that this is one of the first things they check when you call for an electrical service, even if no problem is suspected.

Electrical panels are frequently upgraded by homeowners with older homes, especially if they've bought newer appliances that require more amps of power to your home. For any electrical upgrade, call Prewitt Electrical today.


We've just barely scratched the surface of a couple of the common electrical problems homeowners may see. Bottom line is that if you are experiencing a residential electrical problem, Prewitt Electrical can help.

Our 20 years of experience helping DFW homeowners with their electrical troubleshooting, electrical service panels, and many other electrical needs have prepared us well to handle any electrical problem that may arise. Prewitt Electrical is here to answer all of your questions about residential electrical services.

When it comes to your home, only the best electrical work will do. Since 2005, Prewitt Electrical has defined the standards for excellence in our industry. We lead the way with care and attention to detail because we believe you deserve it. When you trust your property to our electrical team, we go the distance to earn that trust because we understand its significance. We would be genuinely privileged to serve you today, so check out our electrical services below and get in touch.

Professional, Top-Notch Electrical Workmanship

Covering DFW from Bedford to Weatherford, our licensed electricians make it easy to keep your home safely powered. We have more than two decades of electrical experience in all kinds of electrical work, and no matter the size or complexity of the need, we meet it. Each of our electrical technicians is fully licensed, trained, and committed to treating your property with respect. You can depend on us to communicate proactively.

As Texas’ premier electricians, we take pride in our work. Most importantly, we take your safety and satisfaction personally. Whether you’re remodeling your home or replacing ancient wiring, make sure the electrical job is done right. Choose Prewitt Electrical, and you’ll have peace of mind about your power systems for years to come. Simply tell us what your electrical problem or need is, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call now.

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