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There have been many innovations in the last decade in products for the home. The most popular home electrical upgrade has been smart home automation. Smart home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These systems can control a wide array of home electrical systems, such as lighting, temperature, appliances, cameras, and entertainment systems. These innovations have helped homeowners in many ways, including saving on electrical bills, helping improve home security, making their home safer, and making their lives easier.


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It's that time of year where the sun is rising later in the morning and setting sooner at night. Thus, you are turning on your home's lights earlier, and having to snuggle underneath the covers at night with the colder nights. You may also be arriving home from work or from running the kids around, and it's dark outside. If you don't have the best outdoor lighting, you could be struggling to unload your belongings and get inside your toasty Dallas/Fort Worth home.

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Odds are, you don't give more than a passing glimpse to your home electrical system. To be honest, why should you? After all, you flick on a light switch, and the light comes on. You open your refrigerator, and your food is cold. And you wash your clothes, and they come out clean. So why should you worry about your home electrical wiring?

Prewitt Electrical offers residential, as well as commercial and emergency, electrical services in Dallas/Fort Worth. We've been helping homeowners for well over a decade with...


Welcome to Prewitt Electrical! We offer residential, commercial, and emergency electrical services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. For over 20 years, we've been helping our fellow Texans ensure they have not only great electrical services, but a safe home and business. We bring quality electrical services and attention to detail to take care of your electrical problems. Below, we'll go over in brief our electrical services that we offer in DFW. Call us today for an estimate!