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Smart Home Electrical Upgrades You Should Consider for Your Home

There have been many innovations in the last decade in products for the home. The most popular home electrical upgrade has been smart home automation. Smart home automation is the automatic control of electronic devices in your home. These systems can control a wide array of home electrical systems, such as lighting, temperature, appliances, cameras, and entertainment systems. These innovations have helped homeowners in many ways, including saving on electrical bills, helping improve home security, making their home safer, and making their lives easier.

Prewitt Electrical is an electrical company in Dallas/Fort Worth that offers residential, commercial, and emergency electrical services. With over 20 years of electrical experience, we our certified and licensed electricians can help you with all of your needs. Below, we'll discover some of the many smart home electrical upgrades you should consider for your home. Call us to learn more today!



Without light, you can't see. If you thought about it, you probably could not count how many times you've tripped in the middle of the night because you have tripped before you could reach a light switch. With smart home automation, you can install lights that sense your motion, so they automatically come on when you enter the room. Not only is this great for safety reasons, but it also helps with security as well.

Camera Doorbells

Camera doorbells have become all of the rage. Camera doorbells record anytime someone comes to the door using built-in motion sensors. These images are in high-definition color, and many camera doorbells feature night vision technology, meaning you can capture video of people coming near your door at night as well. Many camera doorbells can be used with apps, allowing you to see real-time footage of when people come to the door. You can also talk to people who come to the door, as some camera doorbells have built-in microphones and speakers. Truly, you'd never have to answer the door again if you didn't want to with one of these handy devices.

Smart Thermostats

If you are looking to save a lot of money on your electric bill and reduce your carbon footprint, smart thermostats are the way to go. Smart thermostats are very similar to programmable thermostats except they have other features. They are connected to the Internet, which means you can control them from any electronic device that is connected to the Internet. Smart thermostats also use sensors to sense the temperature in rooms and if people are home in order to adjust itself.

Smart Appliance

Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to tell you that you were out of milk without having to rely on your kids to tell you? With smart appliances, your refrigerator can tell you that and much more. The whole idea of smart appliances is to create efficiencies in your life that save you time and money. From smart coffee makers and washing machines to smart security cameras and TVs, the sky's the limit for what smart technology can and will do with appliances in the future. The quest for automation continues, and the stuff of science fiction is not all that far off. Most of us would love to have our home automatically cleaned.


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